Our Story

Hi, I'm Alex, the creator of Wongo Puzzles. I've always enjoyed doing puzzles with friends, but over time I lost my enthusiasm for mass-produced cardboard puzzles. The unimaginative piece shapes and stuffy artwork began to feel repetitive.

Then I discovered wooden puzzles. I was amazed that each one felt like a unique art piece worth completing over and over. But when I saw the price tag of those wooden puzzles I felt unable to really enjoy them because they are often so expensive. I knew there had to be a way to bring the quality and beauty of wooden puzzles to more people at an approachable price point. I also wanted to get away from old oil paintings and landscape art to bring exciting and modern concepts to the tabletop.

With these goals in mind, I worked with artists to create pieces that followed these simple rules:

  1. Include no 90-degree angles
  2. Ensure every puzzle piece is unique
  3. Incorporate whimsical puzzle pieces that match the theme of the artwork
  4. Use artwork with bright vibrant colors

Wongo's first puzzle, The Turtle, was born! After falling in love with the puzzle myself, and sharing the experience with friends in person and on social media, I launched a Kickstarter to bring this idea to other puzzle lovers. I am so thrilled to continue to share these pieces with you. 

Happy Puzzling, 

Production Partner

After designing Wongo puzzles, I needed a location with an industrial laser cutter to make them. I searched for a responsible manufacturer that understood the quality and safety of materials I wanted to use. I found a great partner in Yiwu, China that makes Wongo possible. After I've designed them with my partner artists, my production partner makes the boxes, printouts, and cut the puzzles.


Our Kickstarter Backers

Without all of you, Wongo Puzzles wouldn't be possible. So without further ado (and in alphabetical order):

 Candice Adkins

Julie Adkins

Bryan Aling

Timothy Aungst

Melanie Bailey

Jael Bailey

Aspen Bauman

Luke Belson

Tracie Bennett

Travis Benson

Derek Besenius

David A. Bopp

Emily Bram

Rhonda Breier

Seth Brown

Edith Burdett

Steven Callen

Jennifer L. Carson

David Cassiday

Greg Chapman

Hal Colton

Linda Coulter

Eric Cunningham

Darriel Daniels

Kevin Eberwein

Katelyn Errigo

Andrew Fenn

Tyler Finkelstein

Ryan Gibson

Randy Gladish

Relfin Gopthuy

 Nekea Groskopf

Skyler Grossman 

Tina Harper

Charles Harvan

King Heiple

Eric Hetherington

Nicholas R. Hogge

John Ilko

John Conkle

Barbara St. John

Karolyn Thompson

Kieran O'Reilly

Matthew Kirsch

Josh Kline

Scott Kohtz

Alex Koren

Daniella Koren

Jessica Krant

Frank Lazzarino

Daniel Lodwig

Lucas MacDonald

Kaitlin Mackenzie

Wendy Maldonado

Mollie McGuire

Tammy McLeod

Erin McMillen

Timothy Myers

Allison Ortega

Jonathan Paikoff

James Parsons

Lewis Philips

William Philips

Mark Ponthier

Robyn Ramirez

Megan Ramsett

Skyler Rebber

Adam Reinitz

Josh Resnick

Brian Restivo

Jose Rivera

Terry Sanders

Wendy Seigman

Steven Shin

Caroline Silvey


Katherine Spendel

Dee Stastny

Charlie Stigler

Theresa Surowiec

Abha Thakkar

Monica Tienda

Tieshun Roquerre

Neil Topolnicki

Erin Valenciano

Charles Voelger

Robyn Waxman

Kelly Wesley